Full-time, Chair & Visiting


Naresh Kumar Sharma,  DEAN  Ph.D. (ISI, Delhi)        Homepage
Specialisation – Economic Theory, Gandhian Economic Thought, Money & Finance, Development, Science and Technology

G. Omkarnath,   Ph.D. (JNU)        Homepage
Specialisation – Classical Economics, Political Economy of Development and Capital Theory.

J. Manohar Rao,   Ph.D. (JNU)        Homepage
Specialisation – Development Theory and Policy, WTO and Globalization, Classical Political Economy, Economics of Science, Technology and Technical Change, Micro-Economic Theory, Comparative Economic Systems.

S.Sandhya,   Ph.D. (JNU, Delhi)        Homepage
Specialisation – Demography, Population and Development, Health Economics.

R. Vijay,   Ph.D. (Hyderabad)        Homepage
Specialisation – Political Economy, Development Economics, New Institutional Economics.

R.V. Ramana Murthy,   Ph.D. (Hyderabad)         Homepage
Specialisation – Indian Plan Models, Planning in India, Economics of Business Enterprises.

Debashis Acharya,   Ph.D. (Hyderabad)        Homepage
Specialisation – Macro-monetary economics, Banking, Financial Markets.

K. Laxminarayana,   (Selection Grade) M.A. (Hyderabad)        Homepage
Specialisation – Political Economy and Agricultural Economics.

N.A. Khan,   Ph.D. (Allahabad)        Homepage
Specialisation – Public Finance, International Business, Macro Economics, Infrastructure Economics.

Boppana Nagarjuna,   Ph.D (Hyderabad)        Homepage
Specification – Industrial Economics, Transitional Economics and International Finance, Indian Economy.

Phanindra Goyari,   MPhil (IGIDR Mumbai), PhD (UoH)        Homepage
Specialisation – Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, Agricultural Economics, and Model Building & Simulation in Economics.


S Raja Sethu Durai,   Ph. D.        Homepage

G.Sridevi,   Ph.D (Institute of Social and Economic Change, Bangalore)        Homepage
Specialisation – Food Security, Health Care, Gender and Poverty.


Vijay G,   Ph.D. Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Hague        Homepage
Specialisation – .Political Economy, Development Economics,Labour Economics, Environmental Economics

S. Limakumba Walling,   M.A. (UoH)        Homepage
Specialisation – Macroeconomics, Political Economy and Economics of Competition

Prajna Paramita Mishra,   Ph.D. (UoH)        Homepage
Specilization – Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. Special research interest in the area of Mining and Economic Valuation.

Alok Kumar Mishra,   Ph.D. – (UoH)        Homepage
Specilization – Derivatives and Risk Management,Financial Economics,Macroeconomic Dynamics,Econometrics


Dr. B. N. Rao,   • Post-Doctoral Fellow from University of Hyderabad in 2012• Ph.D. from University of Hyderabad in 2009• M.Phil from University of Hyderabad in 1998• Post Graduation from Sri Venkateswara University in 1996        Homepage
Specilization – Agricultural Economics


Dr. K. Ramachandra R…,   Ph.D        Homepage
Specilization – Health Economics, Urban Economics,Macroeconomic issues and policies, Agricultural Economics


Krishna Reddy Chitte…,   Ph. D.        Homepage
Specilization – Finance


Motilal Bicchal,   Ph. D.        Homepage
Specilization – Macro-monetary




Kamaiah Bandi,   Ph.D.(IIT,Bombay)         Homepage
Specilization – Monetary and Financial Economics.


G. Nancharaiah,   Ph.D. (Andhra)        Homepage
Specilization – International Economics, Agricultural Economics, Development Economics & Mathematical Economics.




Dr. Prasanna K. Moha…,   Ph.D        Homepage
Specilization – Land, Housing, Transport and Urban Economics