N.A. Khan

Ph.D. (Allahabad)

School: School of Economics

Official Address: University of Hyderabad 

P.O. Central University, Prof.C.R.Rao Road

Gachibowli, Hyderabad-500046

Telangana, IndiaTel: (O) +04023132131

(M) +91 957334605245Email:drkhan58@gmail.com 

Educational Qualification: 

M.A (Economics)   Ph.D. (The Title of Thesis “Relevance of Supply-Side economics in Indian economy-in the context of Taxation policy” from   Allahabad Central university.1999.

Specialization: Public finance, International Trade & Macroeconomics and Islamic Banking. PGDBA (Pondicherry central university) India                   


33 years of teaching experience and three years Administrative Experience (As Director of Business management college, Hyderabad T.S )

PROFESSOR   School of Economics Hyderabad central university (An Institution of Eminence) HYDERABAD. Reputed Awards:

Shiksha Rattan Award: IIFS Society-New Delhi-2011

Attended training on GLOBALISATION in MALAYSIA in MAY 2002.(20 participants from 20 countries),

2) Dhaka-international conference 2014(Paper presented).

3) London-EEFS international conference 21-24th JUNE 2018, paper presented.

PDFs -2 

Ph.Ds   20    awarded (    05 working for PhD)

Mphil   25   awarded   (2 working for M.Phil)       

1. Books -2 Authored books,    2   Edited books    TOTAL :    4

2 .Research Articles  100 published National and 10 in foreign journals                                               


SSI SECTOR: Has role in new millennium, published in The Asian Economic Review  ,DEC 2001  VOL:41  ,NO3.

Trends and Tax Buoyancy in corporation Tax in Pre and post liberalization periods in India, published in IUP Journal of Public finance, May 2011 vol 9 no 2

Trade liberalization and Poverty; An Indian Perspective, published in IUP Journal of Applied Economics, April 2013  vol 12  no 2

An Empirical analysis of the determinants of India’s farm trade performance –in WTO  era, published in The Indian journal of Economics 2013,vol xlllc no 371.

An empirical analysis of FDI and Economic Growth in India, published in The Indian Journal of Economics,2015  vol xcv no 378.

An empirical analysis of comparative advantage in India’s Agricultural Export: post WTO era ,published in Productivity 2017 Jan-March,  vol 57 no 4 


Infrastructure for Economic Development, Anmol publications, 2004ISBN 81-261-1794-X

Transition to Market –Oriented Economy, IUP publications .2009,978-81-314-2217-5

Challenges and issues in Indian Fiscal Federalism, published by Springer, 2017 ISBN :  978-981-10-6216-2