Boppana Nagarjuna

Ph.D (University of Hyderabad)

Dr Boppana Nagarjuna


School of Economics 

University of Hyderabad

Hyderabad. 500 046, India.

Mobile: 09441427986

                                                                 Full Curriculum Vitae


My academic journey began in 1991.

Thirty plus years’ experience in reputed academic institutions and universities in India:

BITS (Pilani), Delhi University, NCAER-Delhi, ASCI-Hyderabad, Xavier Institute of Management, Hyderabad and University of Hyderabad. As on today, eleven books and forty+ research papers published in Journals and in anthologies, and presented in various National and International Seminars. Viz., Journal of Economics and Econometrics (EERIs), Journal of Applied Finance Research (European Centre for Financial Management), Journal of Finance India (IIF, New Delhi), Journal of Public Finance, (ICFAI, Hyderabad) SEDME (NISIET, Hyderabad), Dalal Street (Bombay), International Journal of Decision Making in Management, ITIHAS- The Journal of Indian Management, Journal of Theology of our Times (ECE) Bangalore, ICSSR Review, also published in Development Gateway, World Bank.


·         Dean of Students’ Welfare, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad ( July 2020 -Nov 2021)

·         Chairman Covid-19 Information Committee, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad 2020-21

·         Member- Academic Task Force, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad 2020-21.

·         Member- Academic Council, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad    since2016

·         Former Member-Executive Council, University of Hyderabad.

·         Member-Admission Committee, School of Economics, University of Hyderabad (several times)

·         Warden- 2002 to 2005.


         Problems of Transitional Economies

         Issues in Privatization

         Poverty and Globalization

         Employment and Economic Reforms

Course taught:

·         Indian Economy since Independence

·         Statistics for Economists

·         Macro Economics

·         Industrial Economics

·         Transitional Economics

·         International Trade

·         International Finance

·         Introduction to Economics

International Recognition

·         Boppana Nagarjuna Biography is published in Marquis Who's Who.2011.

·         Nominated for Mead fellowship, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2015.

·         Pre-selected for Promote project, by the Govt. of Ecuador at Technical University of Machala, Ecuador 2014-15.

·         Nominated for the Marie Curie “People” International Fellowship by Turkey, 2011-12. (Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey).

·         Member-Editorial Board; Eastern European Journal of Business and Economics, Latvia.


·         Associated with World Health Organization (WHO), India Office, New Delhi acknowledged for expertise and assistance in bringing in value to the initiative on GATS in latest report i.e. “Trade in Health-Related Services and GATS- India -Country report for Mode#1: Cross Border Trade in Health Services (E-Health)”, July 2003.

Completed UGC projects under UPE

·         Drought impact on Dalit’s in Mahbubnagar District

·         Migration effects on Tribals in ITDA Bhadrachalam.

·         Socio -Economic challenges in Koya Tribes in Khammam and Warangal Districts.

·         Earlier Associated with NCAER, New Delhi in CGHS Health project “Pricing” (1994) and also at ASCI, Bella Vista, Hyderabad in Vidyuth Net (IDRC, Canada- Project), 1999-2000.


·           CSR   World Development Institute, Washington, USA- 2003.

·           Ph.D.  Economics-University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India, 1998.

·           D.D.P Economics-Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw, Poland, 1992: First rank.

·           M. Phil. Economics-University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India -1990.

·           Summer Course in Quantitative Economics-Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) Bangalore, 1989

·           M.A. Economics- University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India-1988.

·           CSR: - Corporate Social Responsibility, World Development Institute, World Bank, Washington. 2003.

·           PhD: - Thesis on " Privatization and liberalization for industrial development in India and other       developing countries”- a comparative analysis.

·          D.D.P: - Diploma in development policies - an advanced international diploma in development economics, at Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw, Poland 1991-92.@

·         M. Phil: - on “Industrial sickness and the role of financial and government bodies in small scale industries in R. R. District, AP, India”. 1990.


1.   Socio-Economic conditions of Andhra Pradesh-Sunrise State, Paramount publications,.2019; New Delhi India: ISBN: 978-81-922783-6- 0

2.   Macro-Economic Policies of India, Paramount Publications,. New Delhi India 2019.ISBN#978-81-922783-5-3.

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23.   Published a research paper ‘S.A.P.T.A and India’s trade performance with S.A.A.R.C’ in “Economic Reforms and Perspectives” Serials Publications, New Delhi, and 2004 (with Pradeep Kumar. M, & Vijay Kumar. V.).

24. Published a research paper ‘Trends in Central Government Expenditure, Revenue, Fiscal Deficit and Domestic Debt: 1980-2000’; “Economic Reforms and Perspectives” Serials Publications, Delhi, 2004. (with D.B. Reddy.).

25.  Published a research paper ‘Public Sector reforms, disinvestments and Privatization in India 1990-2000; “Economic Reforms and Perspectives”, Serials Publications, Delhi, 2004. (with Satish Reddy V.V.M).

26.   Published a Paper ` Globalization Poverty- World Bank, IMF, WTO and India' in a book “Economic Reforms in India: Retrospect and Prospect” pp 399-410, edited by V . Suguna, Himalaya Publishing House, 2003. ISBN # 81-         7866-734-7.

27. Published a paper “Privatization and Liberalization - A theoretical Overview for Developing Economies" in a Book “Privatization in Indian Industry"- (edt) by VVN Somayajulu and published by Spell Bound Publishers, Rohtak, India, January, 1998.

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29.  Published a paper titled "Globalization and India Investments" in souvenir of VJIM –  November 1996.

30.  Published a paper "India's Investment Opportunities" in the Dalal Street, a Business magazine, in November and December 1995. Bombay.

31.   Published a paper" The Role of Government and Financial Institutions in Indian Industrialization 1950 to 1990" in Industrialization in India and Special reference to Andhra Pradesh, (Ed) by N. Narayana, Himalaya Publications, 1991.


32.  “Are the Special economic zones reversing the land Reforms? Some reflections” presented a research paper in UGC national seminar “Inclusive Growth poverty eradication and economic development in India at Singareni collieries women’s Degree  and  PG  College,  Kothagudem,  Khammam  Dist.  Telangana.  5th      and  6th November 2014.

33.   “Financial Sector’s reforms in India” presented a research paper in a National Seminar on “Financial inclusion for inclusive growth-opportunities and challenges” on  22nd    and  23rd    August,  2014  at  Department  of  Commerce  Govt.  Degree  College Zaheerabad, Medak Dist. Telangana.

34, “Determinants of Foreign Exchange in India” presented a research paper in XV IORA National Conference, March 17-19, 2011 Department of Economics, UH (with Mallaya)

35.   “India and China in Transition” presented a research paper in XV IORA National Conference, March 17-19, 2011 Department of Economics,( with S. Madhukar)

36.  “FDI for Economic Development-an evidence of transition economic in India and China” UGC sponsored National Seminar on Issues of FDI in India held on 27th   and 28th   January 2011 at Bharathidasan University.

37. ”Rural Credit Grameen Banks in A.P” in a national seminar on Inclusive Growth in Agriculture, Osmania University on 27th   March 2010.

38. “Impact of Globalization on Indian Manufacturing industries” a paper presented at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi Dec 12-15, 2005 in International Seminar on Industrial Productivity in India (with P. Busenna).

39. “Corporate Finance in Indian Capital Market” in All India Economics Conference on  “Modeling  Economic  behavior  and  policy".  6th    to  8th    August,  2005  at  Satya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Puttaparthi, A.P. (with P.H. Babu).

40. “Measurement of Efficiency in Indian Banking Sector” at Govt. P. G. College, Mandya, Karnataka, March 5-6, 2005. (With) V. Vijay Kumar.

41. “Impact of Globalization on Small Scale Industries in India” in a two day UGC- SERO sponsored National Seminar on “Self-Employment and Government Policy: Future Challenges” organized by the Department of Commerce, Nizam College (Osmania University), Hyderabad, August 21, 2004. (With) P. Busenna.

42. “Business Out-sourcing and Employment Generation in India” in a two day UGC- SERO sponsored National Seminar on “Self-Employment and Government Policy: Future Challenges” organized by the Department of Commerce, Nizam College (Osmania University), Hyderabad, August 21, 2004. (With)V.V.M. Satish Reddy.

43. "World Economic Crisis, causes, consequences and Solution" in a national seminar organized by Chandra Rajeswara rao Research Foundation (CRRF), Hyderabad, 27th October 2002.

Academic extension activities:

•     Key note address-three-day national seminar on “Advanced Trends in Research in Social Sciences”, at Mahatma Phule Mahavidyalaya, Pune, January 22-24, 2015.

•     External expert for Board of Studies (PG) at Department of Economics Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur December 15th 2014. 

•     Chaired a session in the national seminar on “Agrarian Issues and Challenges in A.P" 22-23, March 2014 at Department of Economics, Nagarjuna University, Nagarjuna Nagar, Guntur. 

•   Guest of Honour in the national seminar on “The growth of Non-farm sector in India – opportunities and challenges” at Department of Economics, Govt. Degree College-Khairatabad (Osmania University), Hyderabad.10th January, 2014.

•     Chaired a session in the national seminar on Contesting Tribal Sub-alterity: Social Economic Challenges in India” at Centre for Comparative Literature, School of Humanities, University of Hyderabad, 29th July 2013. 

Membership in International Academic bodies, associations and societies: 

•     Member-Bibliothque- World- Wide (BWW).

•       Member-World Economics Association.

•       General Secretary-Transitional Economic Research Association (TEA)India, 

•       Member-Human Development Capacity Approach (HDCA), Harvard University, USA. 

•       Member- Council of World Business University Association (WBUA).USA.

•       Hon. Adviser- Human Harmony International and Welfare, India

Member in Academic committees:

·         External Member-BOS-Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, 2015-17.

·         Member: Executive Council, University of Hyderabad 2012-13.

·         Member: Un-assigned-grants committee, University of Hyderabad 2013-14.

·         Member: Board of Studies, CIS, University of Hyderabad.2013-14.

·         Member: Academic council, School of Economics. University of Hyderabad.2013-14 onwards.

Ph. D supervision: 9 Awarded and 6 more are pursuing:

Sl. No    Name of the Student     Research Area / Topic                                                                    Status

1              P. Busenna Peter             Globalization impact on Indian Industries in India              Awarded 2009

2              M. Pradeep Kumar          A Transition in Indian Derivative markets- A case study of Single Stock futures                Awarded 2010

3              V. Vijay Kumar  The interdependence between the spot and index futures markets in India: an empirical analysis             Awarded 2011

4              Vachya. L             Micro Finance in Andhra Pradesh             Awarded 2013

5              S. Madhukar      Transitional Economies and problems- India and China   Awarded 2013

6.            P.Rajendra          Industrial Economics and Transitional Issues        Awarded 2015

7              D. Muniswamy  Transitional Economics public expenditure           Awarded 2016

8              Ch. Raju               Inequalities and Urban Poverty in India Awarded 2018

9              Ch. Ramjee         Impact of  FDI  on Employment in India  Awarded 2017

10           Nitin Bhagat Dattuji    Drought in Maratwada region Maharashtra  ready for submission

11.          Lalit Aditya          Theory of Development Economics                         Pursuing

12           Kishore Babu     FDI and Trade in India                                                    Pursuing

13           Venkatesh          Rural industrialization in Telangana                          pursuing

14           Tulika Rohilla      Textile Industry pursuing                                              pursuing

15           Rapaka Srinivas   International Trade and Finance pursuing

 M.Phil. Dissertations:      NAME OF  STUDENT       Title of the M. Phil thesis              Status

1  . P. Busenna “Sickness in SSI’s in Ranga Reddy district in Andhra Pradesh”         Awarded 2003

2 . Satish Reddy V.V.M  Public Sector Reforms in India    Awarded 2005

3  .P. Rajendra   Impact of New Economic Policy on Indian Industry Growth and its Export performance  Awarded 2003

4   .Vijay Kumar V             Measurement of Efficiency of Banks in India       Awarded 2004

5  .Pradeep Kumar. M    Demand for Money: Alternative Formulations and Estimations  Awarded 2004

6  .N. Bhawana  Women Entrepreneurs & Problems-case studies in AP   Awarded 2005

7  .B. Suresh Babu            Self and Wage Employment Programs in India    Awarded 2005

8.  P. Hemant Babu          Corporate Finance and Structure in India- an over view of Indian Pharmacy Industry                Awarded 2005

9  .Anand Bhattacharya FDI in Selected Sample Sectors in India  Awarded  2006

10   .S. Madhukar             Rural Credit and Regional Rural Banks     Awarded 2006

11.   V. Ramesh Case Studies of Sugar factories in A.P     Awarded 2009

12.   Muni Swamy             Contract Farming in India - a case study of A.P    Awarded 2007

13.    Chinmoy Behra       Public Expenditure in States        Awarded 2007

14.    M. Lalit Singh           Indo-Burma border trade             Awarded 2010

15.     J. Malliah  Determinants of Exchange rates in India               Awarded 2010

16.    Nageshwar.S           Regional disparities-Marathwada             Awarded 2016

17.   Ramulu Galla             FDI in Pharma Industry in India     Awarded 2020

18.   Harikrishnan              Regional Economics vs Globalisation        Awarded 2018

19 .   Srinivas.Rapaka                     Industrial Development in India                  Awarded 2020

20.   Anita Panda                           Regional Development issues in India                        Awarded 2020

21.     Abin Joseph            MSMEs in Kerala     submitted 2021