Dr. B. N. Rao

Assistant Professor
• Post-Doctoral Fellow from University of Hyderabad in 2012• Ph.D. from University of Hyderabad in 2009• M.Phil from University of Hyderabad in 1998• Post Graduation from Sri Venkateswara University in 1996

Research Summary:

·        I have wider experience on field based primary studies related to developmental issues of Dalits and Tribal communities. My studies are primarily focused on the reasons for and the consequences of land transfers among the social groups in the rural areas, land alienation in the scheduled areas, labour transformation and changes in the wages and reasons for persisting poverty in the tribal areas as an historical studies. The area of study is further expanded to examine the impact of Wildlife Protection Act 1972 (rules) on the livelihoods of the local tribal communities and as well as on PESA (Panchayatraj Extension to the Scheduled Areas) Act 1996, FR (Forest Rights) Act 2006 with reference to the Wildlife sanctuaries of Andhra Pradesh, India.

 Current Research:

·        The present research is on ‘Decentralised planning for integrated development’. Preparation of model Gram Panchayat development plan, preparation of model Mandal Parishad development plan and Model Zilla Parishad development plans in general and for the Scheduled Areas in particular.

Other Research Interests

·        Law, forest and development

·        Environment and development

·        Economic historical analysis

·        Qualitative research methodology


Courses taught:

·        Principles of political Economy

·        Introduction to the Economics


Professional experience:

·        14 years of research experience

·        9 years of teaching experience (for both UG/PG)

·        Chaired for the several technical sessions of the National Seminars and Conferences.


Guest Lectures given:

·        Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Contribution to the Indian economy, University of Hyderabad, on April 17th 2011.

·        Babbasaheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar as an Economist in India, University of Hyderabad, on 3rd December 2010.

·        Research methodology for Decentralized Planning and Rural development, APARD, on September 12th 2010.


Recent Publications:

Books published:

·        B. Nageswara Rao (2013) Mapping the Tribal Economy: a Case study of a South Indian State, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, London (ISBN 978-1-4438-4370-6).


Two paper are published in International refereed Journal

·        A paper on ‘Land alienation, land legislation and restoration of alienated land’ – A case study of two scheduled villages of West Godavari district of AP. Accepted to publish in “International Journal for Development Studies and Studies and Research, Varanasi, U.P., India.

·        A paper on “Dalits and land transfers in Andhra Pradesh” published in an International Journal ‘International Dalit News Letter’ quarterly on September issue 2003.

One paper is published in National Refereed Journal:

·        A paper on “Land transfers, Land reforms and Social Order- A village study of Coastal Andhra”, Journal of Indian Association of Social science Institutions, New Delhi. (ISSN No. 0970-9061, Vol. 31, July-December, 2012,



Two Papers are published in Conference Volumes

·         A paper on “Trends in Agricultural land transfers during post-independence period in Andhra Pradesh with special reference to Dalits– A case study of three villages of A.P”. published and presented on 10-11 April, 2004, Osmania University, Hyderabad

·        A Paper on “Globalization: Dalits access to land in AP” presented in Asian Social Forum Conferences during 2nd Jan. 2003 to 7th Jan., 2003 on behalf of NCDHR and published.

Five papers are accepted to publish in edited books

·        A paper on “Changes in the cropping pattern and it’s impact on tribal households in the Scheduled areas”- A case study of three tribal villages from West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh”, Presented in National seminar at University of Hyderabad.

·        A paper on “The implementation of PESA Act 1996 in the Protected Areas: The issues and challenges: A case study of Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam Wildlife Sanctuary”, presented in National seminar on 20 years of decentralised development in India” at University of Hyderabad.

·        A paper on “Sensitization of the issues of Social Inclusion and Social Exclusion for the tribal development in India”, presented in National Seminar at Andhra Loyala College, Vijayawada.

·        A paper on “Paradigm shift for forest conservation and tribal livelihoods in the protected areas- A case study Achampet Project Tiger from Andhra Pradesh”, Presented in National Seminar at NIRD, Hyderabad.

·        A Paper on “Forest policy, Governance and livelihoods among the STs & OTFDs in the Protected Area of Andhra Pradesh”, Presented in the National Seminar at NIRD, Hyderabad

Three Papers are published at State level (A Government Journal in Telugu language):

·        The declining forest area and it’s impact on human existence with reference to Andhra Pradesh, Staanika Paalana  (Telugu), APARD, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, October  2011, PP:

·        The need of Expansion of the covering area under B.R.G.F. in Andhra Pradesh, Staanika Paalana  (Telugu), APARD, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, April 2011, PP:51-52.

·        The views of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar on Panachayat raj Bill in 1933, Staanika Paalana  (Telugu), APARD, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, December 2010, PP:15-18.