Dr. Prasanna K. Mohanty

Visiting Professor

Date of Birth: 25th February, 1954


            1991 - 1992                 Rockefeller Foundation Post-doctoral Fellow, Harvard

                                                University (USA).

                                                Honorary Fellow, Population Council (USA).

            1987 - 1990                 Ph. D. in Economics,BostonUniversity(USA).       

            1987 - 1988                 MA in Political Economy, Boston University (USA).

            1973 - 1975                 MA in Economics, Delhi School of Economics.



            2014 -                           Teaching PG courses: Urban Economics and Transport

                                                  Economics in School of Economics, University of Hyderabad.

            February 2018 -          Director, Central Board of Reserve Bank of India

            May 2018 -                  Director, National Housing Bank

            February 2017 -          Director, Southern Local Board of Reserve Bank of India

            June, 2014 -                Honorary Adviser, Centre for Good Governance &

                                                National Institute of Urban Management, Hyderabad

            May, 2013 –June,       Chief Secretary to Government of Andhra Pradesh,

            2014                            Hyderabad

            January – April,           Chief Commissioner, Land Administration & Special

            2013                            Chief Secretary to Government of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad

            2006 - 2013                 Mission Director, Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission

                                                 (JNNURM) & Joint Secretary/Additional Secretary/Secretary to

                                                 Government of India, Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation,

                                                  GoI, New Delhi

            2002 - 2006                  Director General/Executive Director, Centre for Good Governance,


             1999 -2002                  Commissioner & Special Officer, Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad.     

             1998 – 1999                Urban Development & Policy Specialist, Asian Development Bank (India

                                                     Urban Sector Profile Project)

                                                   Consultant,   Asian   Development   Bank (Urban & Environmental  

                                                    Infrastructure Fund Project)

            1993 - 1998                 Director (Urban Development), Ministry of Urban Affairs & Employment,

                                                  Government of India, New Delhi.

            1993                            Additional Secretary, Municipal Administration-cum-Director of Urban

                                                 Basic Services, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.

            1992                            Taught Post-graduate Course: "Statistics for Economists" at Boston

                                                 University (USA).

            1990 - 1991                 Vice-Chairman, Hyderabad Urban Development Authority, Hyderabad

            1987                            Collector & District Magistrate, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

            1985 - 1986                 Commissioner, Municipal Corporation of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

            1984 - 1985                 Joint Collector & Additional District Magistrate, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

            1983 - 1984                 Project Officer Integrated Tribal Development Agency,

                                                  Rampachodavaram, Andhra Pradesh.

            1981 - 1983                 Sub-Collector & Sub-divisional Magistrate, Tenali, Andhra Pradesh.

.           1975 - 1979                 Lecturer in Economics, Delhi University.


Books/Research Papers Published:

            2016                            “Financing Cities in India: Municipal Reforms, Fiscal

                                                  Accountability and Urban Infrastructure”, Book published by Sage


            2014                             "Cities and Public Policy: An Urban Agenda for India": Book published by

                                                  Sage Publications 

           2014                            "Urbanisation in India: Challenges, Opportunities and the Way Forward":

                                                Book published by Sage Publications - Co-edited with Isher Judge

                                                 Ahluwalia & Ravi Kanbur.

            2007                            “Municipal Finance in India – An Assessment”: Book published by Reserve

                                                 Bank of India – Lead author along with RBI Development Research Group


             2004                            “Urban Sector Reforms in Andhra Pradesh: Capacity Enhancement Needs

                                                   Assessment Study” - World Bank Preparatory Studies, Centre for Good

                                                   Governance, Hyderabad.

              2003                            “Innovative Urban Development Financing Practices: A Case Study of

                                                    Hyderabad City” – Building Municipal Capacity for Finance and

                                                    Budgeting, Working Paper 1. Birmingham: International Development

                                                    Department ofSchoolofPublic Policy, University ofBirmingham, 2003

                                                    “Reforming Property Tax: The Approach of Municipal Corporation of

                                                   Hyderabad”: CGG Collected Working Papers: 2003, Volume 2, Centre for

                                                  Good Governance, Hyderabad

            2001                            “Approach to Housing Development in India” : in Naved Hamid & Mildred

                                                   R. Villareal ed. Asian Cities in the 21st Century Management Issues:

                                                   Contemporary Approaches to Municipal Management, Vol 5, Asian

                                                   Development Bank. 1999

             2000                            “Housing for the Poor in India” – Paper for the Asian Development Bank

                                                   Institute presented at Asian Mayors’ Forum on Fighting Urban Poverty,

                                                    held as Shanghai on 26-29, June 2000

             1999                            “Municipal Decentralization and Governance:  Autonomy, Accountability

                                                   and Participation”:  in S.N. Jha and P.C. Mathur ed. Decentralisation and

                                                   Local Politics: Sage Publications,New Delhi.

                                                  “Decentralization Reforms and Innovations in Municipal Management in

                                                    India”:  in Naved Hamid & Mildred R. Villareal ed. Asian Cities in the

                                                    21st Century  Management Issues: Contemporary Approaches to

                                                    Municipal Management, Vol II., Asian Development Bank. 1999

                                                   “Some Initiatives in Urban Environmental Management in India” – Paper

                                                    for the Asian Development Bank Ministerial Conference on Promoting

                                                    Sustainable Development in Asia

             1997                            "Capacity Building Issues in the Context of the Constitution (74th

                                                    Amendment) Act, 1992" - published by Urban India, July - December,


            1996                            "Defining the Functional Domain of Urban Local Bodies: Some Suggestions

                                                  in the context of India's Decentralisation Initiative": in Jeffrey Stubbs &

                                                  Giles Clarke ed. Mega City Management in the Asian and Pacific Region,

                                                  Asian Development Bank. 1996

                                                "Urban Development Planning in India": in Jeffrey Stubbs & Giles Clarked,

                                                 MegaCityManagement in the Asian and Pacific Region, Asian Development

                                                 Bank. 1996

            1995                            "Reforming Municipal Finances: Some suggestions in the context of

                                                 India's Decentralisation Initiative": in Urban India, January-June, 1995


            2010                            Member, National Committee for Revision of National Training Policy

                                                  Member, Planning Commission Expert Committee on Criteria for

                                                 Identification of BPL Households

            2009                            Member, Planning Commission’s Expert Group on

                                                Decentralised Planning.

            2006                            Member, Board of BridgingResearchandPolicy.org. Global Development


            2004                            Member of Advisory Group - Urban Policy Forum, Ministry of Urban

                                                 Development and Poverty Alleviation, Government of India

            1999, 2000, 2001,       Clean City Award at national level on behalf of Municipal

            2002                            Corporation of Hyderabad for 1999, 2000, 2001 and

                                                 2002 - from the Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd., New

                                                  Delhi – as Commissioner, Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad

            2001                            Indira Priyadarshini Vrikshamitra (Prime Minister’s) Award on behalf of

                                                 Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad (India) for implementing urban

                                                 forestry programme as Municipal Commissioner, Hyderabad

                                                 “Manager of the Year” Award from the Hyderabad Management

                                                  Association, Hyderabad for management of Hyderabad city       

            2000 – 2001                Member of National Working Group on Urban Development (including

                                                  Urban Transport), Urban Water Supply and Sanitation (including Low-cost

                                                  Sanitation, Sewerage and Solid Waste Management) and Urban

                                                  Environment for the Tenth Five Year Plan of India, Ministry of Urban

                                                   Development and Poverty Alleviation, Government of India              

            1995 - 1996                 Member of National Technical Group on Financing of Urban

                                                  Infrastructure, Planning Commission of India

            1990 - 1991                 Vice-Chairman, Association of Metropolitan Development Authorities

                                                 (AMDA), New Delhi (India)

            1987 - 1990                 World Bank Graduate Scholar, Boston University (USA)

            1986                            Indira Priyadarshini Vrikshamitra (Prime Minister’s) Award on behalf of

                                                 Municipal Corporation of Visakhapatnam for implementing urban forestry

                                                 programme as Municipal Commissioner, Visakhapatnam

            1979                            Selected for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS)