Faculty List

R.V. Ramana Murthy,   M.A, M.Phil. Ph.D. (UoH)        Homepage
Specilization - Indian Plan Models, Planning in India, Economics of Business Enterprises.

Naresh Kumar Sharma,   Ph.D. (ISI, Delhi)        Homepage
Specilization - Economic Theory, Gandhian Economic Thought, Money & Finance, Development, Science and Technology

R. Vijay,   Ph.D. (University of Hyderabad)        Homepage
Specilization - New Institutional Economics, Development Economics, Agricultural Economics.

Dr. Debashis Acharya,   Ph.D. (University of Hyderabad)        Homepage
Specilization - Macro - Monetary Economics Financial Economics Inclusive Finance

K. Laxminarayana,   Ph.D. University of Hyderabad        Homepage
Specilization - Political Economy and Agricultural Economics.

N.A. Khan,   Ph.D. (Allahabad)        Homepage
Specilization - Public Finance,International Business, Macro Economics, Infrastructure Economics.

Boppana Nagarjuna,   Ph.D (University of Hyderabad)        Homepage
Specilization - Industrial Economics, Transitional Economics and International Finance, Indian Economy.

Phanindra Goyari,   MPhil (IGIDR Mumbai), PhD (UoH)        Homepage
Specilization - Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, Agricultural Economics, Model Building & Simulation in Economics, Microeconomics, Theories of Economic Growth

S Raja Sethu Durai,   Ph. D.        Homepage
Specilization -

Gummadi Sridevi,   Ph.D (Institute of Social and Economic Change, Bangalore)        Homepage
Specilization - Food Security, Health Care, Gender and Poverty.

Associate Professors
Alok Kumar Mishra,   Ph.D. - (UoH)        Homepage
Specilization - Financial Economics, Structured Finance, Macroeconomics, Risk Management, Portfolio Management, and Index quants, Fixed Income Securities, Land, Housing, Transport, and Urban Economics, Applied Econometrics

Assistant Professors
Dr G.Vijay,   Ph.D        Homepage
Specilization - Political Economy, Development Economics,Labour Economics, Environmental Economics

S. Limakumba Walling,   M.A. (UoH)        Homepage
Specilization - Macroeconomics, Political Economy and Economics of Competition

Prajna Paramita Mish...,   Ph.D. (UoH)        Homepage
Specilization - Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. Special research interest in the area of Mining and Economic Valuation.

Dr. B. N. Rao,   Ph.D. (University of Hyderabad)        Homepage
Specilization - Agricultural Economics

Dr. K. Ramachandra R...,   Ph.D        Homepage
Specilization - Health Economics, Urban Economics,Macroeconomic issues and policies, Agricultural Economics

Krishna Reddy Chitte...,   Ph. D. in Economics, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum.        Homepage
Specilization - Macroeconomic policy, Banking, Financial Markets, International Finance and Development issues.

Motilal Bicchal,   Ph. D.        Homepage
Specilization - Macro-monetary

Emeritus Professors
Kamaiah Bandi,   Ph.D.(IIT,Bombay)         Homepage
Specilization - Monetary and Financial Economics.

Visiting Professors
Dr. Prasanna K. Moha...,   Ph.D        Homepage
Specilization - Land, Housing, Transport and Urban Economics