Lecture on Traditional Knowledge in Modern India by Prof. Nirmal Sengupta(Former Director, MIDS )

School of Economics


Department of Sanskrit Studies

University of Hyderabad

Talk Notice

Traditional Knowledge in Modern India


Prof. Nirmal Sengupta

(Former Director, MIDS, Chennai)


9th October (Tuesday)

Time: 3 P.M

Venue: Seminar Hall, School of Economics

Social Sciences Building

All are invited.

Traditional Knowledge  In Modern India

Nirmal Sengupta

Abstract -

What is traditional knowledge?  Most Indians will cite for examples glorious achievements of ancient India such as discovery of zero or development of Sanskrit language. There is another set of important examples that are however, rarely cited. Tank irrigation of Mission Kakatiya, the flagship project of Telangana State too is a traditional knowledge. I will discuss the origins and the current state of affairs of both these types of traditional knowledge. Both of these are being discussed by global agencies and scholars. I will discuss this aspect too.

About the Speaker

Nirmal Sengupta, M. Stat., Ph. D., Indian Statistical Institute. Past appointments include: Director, MIDS, Chennai; Visiting Fellow, NIRD, Hyderabad; National Fellow, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. Consultant to the Ministry of Commerce and Industries; Chairperson, Working Group on Flood Management for the Twelfth Five-Year Plan; Consultant/Expert to Netherlands Minister for Development Cooperation; UNDP, FAO, World Commission on Dams. Books include: Fourth World Dynamics; Jharkhand (ed. Authors' Guild, 1982); Managing Common Property - Irrigation in India and the Philippines (Sage, 1991), The Economics of Trade Facilitation (Oxford, 2007), Economic Studies Of Indigenous & Traditional Knowledge (ed. Indian Economic Association Trust, 2007).