MA, M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes

The M.A. in Economics has been designed to expose the students to mainstream and heterodox approaches in theory, tools and techniques. The program equips the students with analytical skills to engage with conceptual and empirical dimensions of the economy, policy, polity and society. Besides the standard courses like microeconomics, macroeconomics, trade, growth, public finance and econometrics, the core courses also include classical political economy and political economy of development, which makes it a well-rounded program.

The program also offers a range of optional courses that enable the student to acquire specialised knowledge in specific theoretical and applied branches of economics, like New Institutional Economics, Law and Economics, Capital Theory, Development Economics, Economics of Education, Economics of Discrimination, Health Economics, Public Policy, Transitional Economics, Urban & Transport Economics, Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, Labour Economics, Health Economics, Financial Economics, Financial Econometrics, Time Series and so on.

This programme is divided into four semesters, in which they have to do 10 compulsory and 6 optional courses. Knowledge of high school level mathematics is expected from the prospective candidates as a minimum qualification, as some of the courses have mathematical orientation.

M.Phil. is a one‑year programme consisting of course work and dissertation. The course work places emphasis on: a) recent advances in selected areas of economics, b) literature in the chosen area of research and, c) proficiency in research methodology of economics. Students are required to do course work in the first semester. During the remaining part of the programme, they are expected to write a dissertation.

The Ph.D. programme consists mainly of research work (with provision for course work, whenever necessary) leading to a thesis on an approved topic. The thesis will be of a high standard seen as a contribution to knowledge and will be defended in an open viva-voce.