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2021-10-21  (Seminars and Events)
Virtual Book Discussion

2019-09-13  (Seminars and Events)
5th Economics Conclave

2019-01-18  (Seminars and Events)
Emergency of Crypto-currencies

2018-09-07  (Seminars and Events)
Economics Conclave 2018

2016-08-27  (Seminars and Events)
Two Day National Seminar, University of Hyderabad


Dean: Prof. R.V.Ramana Murthy

Since its inception in 1979, The Department of Economics has been committed towards promoting High Quality Teaching & Economic Research. It offers programmes of M.A., M.Phil & Ph.D. In the face of demand for competent economists outstripping the supply, UH stands among the most sought after Economics School in the country. Teaching & learning at the School is defined by a diverse range of academic offerings & exposure to a multiplicity of paradigms. The course structure incorporates a balance of Theoretical Analysis & Quantitative Reasoning. Students are trained by renowned faculty which seeks to prepare well equipped economists who can tackle new emerging imperatives in economics. The School encourages quality research programmes through collaboration with Indian & International Institutes. The faculty has also made several research based contributions in major fields of economics.